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Acquisition Due Diligence Consulting

Alcor Commercial Realty Inc.’s property acquisition due diligence, analysis and consulting services are comprehensive and incisive, thus helping clients make informed investment decisions. Close scrutiny of the physical, legal, operational and financial elements of each investment property, are all critical aspects to be considered and Alcor can provide all of this advice in house.

Physical, legal and financial

Confirming the financial and legal status of a property is very important: but what about future costs and investment performance?

Alcor’s physical due diligence practice can expose deferred maintenance, future repair expenditures and estimate the life expectancies of all major building components.

Through investigation, inspection and review Alcor helps clients see the whole picture: immediate and future maintenance costs; and accurate determination of future returns on investment.

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Alcor due diligence expertise includes:




Accurate, reliable reporting

After the due diligence inquiries and investigations are complete, Alcor compiles a detailed summary of all research results and materials, including cost estimates to remedy all deferred maintenance issues. The goal is to lay bare each and every issue and concern; there should be no costly, post-purchase surprises.

The Alcor Advantage

Alcor can be a single and coordinating source for obtaining all resources required to evaluate a property. Under our leadership we can not only provide inspection and other due diligence required, but also engage engineers, lawyers and other professionals that we work with routinely and who have demonstrated expertise in the type of asset being evaluated.

Alcor strives to provide its property due diligence services in a practical and comprehensive manner that includes all areas of concern and importance; including but not limited to, financial, physical, legal, operational and short and long term viability. Our review can include budget estimates and definition of long and short-term goals, Alcor works closely with clients to ensure success no matter how challenging a client’s circumstance.

Alcor Commercial Realty’s objective is to provide our clients with a comprehensive and qualified assessment of properties that will enable client’s to make highly informed investment decisions.

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